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Cinnamon Fern



'Cinnamon Fern' gets its name from the narrow spikes of cinnamon brown fronds that emerge in late spring, but it's the large, elegant shape and beautiful foliage that makes this fern so sought after. This variety keeps its lush green color throughout the season, turning a gorgeous apricot color in the fall. It thrives in moist areas such as ponds, and makes a dramatic focal point in a shady woodland setting. 

Common Name: Cinnamon Fern
Botanical Name: Osmunda cinnamomea
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Full Shade 
Mature Height: 4'
Mature Width: 4'
Bloom Time: Late Spring
Soil Preference: Moist to Wet
Advantages: Easy to Grow
Zone: 4-8
Hardiness Map:

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