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Bird B Gone Red Deterrent Flash Tape


50 ft.
Flash Tape is a visual bird deterrent made from a highly reflective, shiny mylar film and is used to scare birds from outdoor areas. It can keep pest birds away from fruit trees, gardens, vines, pool areas, patios, gazebos, overhangs, boats, and more!  Each roll of flash tape is 50' long and is meant to be cut into strips and attached to affected areas. Flash Tape is great for repelling pest birds including pigeons, woodpeckers, seagulls, swallows, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, grackles, ducks, geese, etc.

Bird B Gone Flash Tape creates an audio/visual distraction zone! Pest birds are always on the alert for danger. They hear sounds 10 times faster than we do and see more colors than we can. Bird B Gone’s iridescent red Mylar Flash Tape fully exploits these avian abilities. Specially designed to snap and crackle in the slightest breeze, Flash Tape’s mirror-like surface reflects flashes of red and sunlight to further distract and disorient birds (birds associate these red and bright flashes with fire). Combined, these deterrents create a visual and audio distraction zone that birds can’t stand to be around.

Flash Tape is highly effective against flocking birds that are prone to attack young seedlings, fresh germinating seeds, or ripening fruit.

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