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Burgon & Ball Half Moon Lawn Edger - RHS Endorsed



A crisp edge makes a world of difference to a lawn, giving the whole garden the wow factor. With RHS-endorsed stainless steel lawn edger, those professionally neat and clean lawn edges are easy to achieve. 

Unique serrations of the head have been designed to slice effortlessly through ground for a sharply-defined lawn edge. This edger is extremely comfortable to use, as well; it features a long shaft in FSC®-certified hardwood to reduce back strain, a handle with a wide T-bar for a secure grip, and wide treads on the blade to prevent any discomfort for feet.

The stainless steel of this half moon lawn edger allows it to move cleanly through the soil. It’s also extremely resistant to rust, so will stay bright and beautiful for years to come.

This stainless steel half moon lawn edger is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, perhaps the highest accolade in the world of gardening. As with all RHS-endorsed stainless steel tools, this half moon lawn edger comes with our lifetime guarantee.

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