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Coast of Maine™ Sprout Island Blend™ Seed Starter


8 qt.

For seed germination & rooting plant cuttings
Ready-to-use in cell packs, trays or flats
Provides natural moisture retention and aeration
Nutrient starter charge includes mycorrhizae worm castings, kelp and fully cured compost

Get your seedlings and cuttings started off to a healthy start with the best possible soil formulation!  Sprout Island Organic Seed Starter provides all of your young plants with everything that they need to get established and off to a healthy start.

Our unique recipe combines compost, worm castings and kelp which provides a fortified blend of organic nutrition for your plants. Just the right amount of perlite is added to facilitate aeration and help to prevent dampening-off.  Last, we add locally-sourced sphagnum peat moss which provides a stable environment for root growth and retains moisture.

The result is a soil mix that is full of nutrients and active soil biology that will organically feed your plants! And, with compost as its base, Sprout Island Organic Seed Starter naturally stays moist and will require less watering.

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