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'Limelight' Dracaena



The ease of care and vibrant color of this houseplant makes it one of the 'Best Houseplants' for homes or offices. It has long, lime green leaves that stand upright but drape effortlessly. It prefers bright indirect morning sunlight, but will tolerate lower light with reduced watering. Allow soil to somewhat dry between waterings. This plant can be moderately toxic to pets and children.

Common Name: Limelight Dracaena
Botanical Name: Dracaeana fragrans
Light Requirements: Medium to Bright Indirect Sunlight, Window with Western Exposure
Mature Height: 2-6'
Mature Width: 2'
Bloom Time: N/A
Watering: Allow Soil to Almost Dry Between Waterings, Average Humidity
Soil Preference: Loamy, well-draining, organically rich soil mixture
Attributes: Attractive Foliage, Prefers 65 to 80 degrees

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