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Dragon Mass Cane



This popular, low maintenance houseplant has wide, long yellow and green striped leaves which arch gracefully from the top of the canes or stalks. It prefers indirect sunlight but will tolerate lower light. Water when the soil is somewhat dry to the touch. It can be low to moderately toxic to cats and dogs if ingested.

Common Name: Dragon Mass Cane or Corn Plant
Botanical Name: Dracaeana fragrans
Light Requirements: Can tolerate low light but prefers a medium to bright light, but not full sun.
Mature Height: 5-7'
Mature Width: 3-4'
Bloom Time: N/A
Watering: Water thoroughly and evenly to avoid rotting the canes. Let dry in between watering.
Soil Preference: Espoma Organic Cactus Soil
Attributes: Clean Air Plant

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