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Goldfish Plant



The Goldfish Plant gets its name from the long, tubular orange-red flowers that look like leaping fish. The stems can trail up to 3' long and are densely covered with thick, waxy dark green leaves. This plant prefers bright indirect light. Water when the top 2" of soil re dry. Moist foliage often, as it likes higher humidity. It blooms best when it is pot bound. 

Common Name: Goldfish Plant
Botanical Name: Nemanthus gregarious, Columnea gloriosa
Light Requirements: Medium to Bright Light; East and West Facing Window
Mature Height: Few Inches in Height but Stems could Hang Down 12-15" from Edge of Basket.
Mature Width: 1-2'
Bloom Time: Flowers Year Round with Adequate Light
Watering: Keep Evenly Moist
Soil Preference: Espoma Organic Potting Soil
Attributes: Cute Goldfish Shaped Blooms

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