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Guzmania Viola Bromeliad



Growing a Bromeliad as a houseplant is easy and brings an interesting texture and color to the interior garden. The wide leaves are sword-shaped or scoop-like and grow around a central 'cup'. Water needs are easily achieved by filling a cup. Bromeliads like high humidity, so set the pot in a saucer of gravel filled partially with water. 

Common Name: Bromeliad
Botanical Name: Bromeliaceae
Light Requirements: Brightly Lit Spot, Away from Direct Sunlight
Mature Height: 1-2'
Mature Width: 1-2'
Bloom Time: They bloom once on average and it takes approximately 18 months to flower. Blooms may linger for weeks.
Watering: Keep the "central vase" filled. Water compost only when it dries out.
Soil Preference: Espoma Organic Potting Soil
Attributes: Likes High Humidity, Pose No Toxic Effects

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