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Heritage River Birch - Multi Stem



'Heritage' is a very popular cultivar of the native river birch, and like most birch, is highly sought after for its wonderful peeling bark, among other things. It stands apart from other varieties by being more creamy white than the species. It is a very fast growing tree, sure to make a statement in the garden with a wonderful shape and plenty of interest! Perfect for wet soils and extremely resistant to bronze birch borer and leaf spot diseases. 

Common Name: Heritage® River Birch - Multi Stem
Botanical Name: Betula nigra 'Cully'
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Mature Height: 45-60'
Mature Width: 25-40'
Soil Preference: Evenly Moist Soil
Advantages: Pyramidal, Fast Growing, Highly Heat Tolerant, Adapts to Mild Drought Once Established, Deciduous
Zone: 3-7
Hardiness Map:

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