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Mr. Bird Cylinder Feeder


Extremely easy to use with all seed cylinders. Just slide the Mr.Birds small or large cylinders onto the sturdy steel EZFeeder and hang. Your birds will love it, they are not limited to a few seed ports so it is common to see a dozen birds at once on this feeder.

A little hook at the bottom of the feeder allows you to hang a suet basket, tube feeder, or even another EZFeeder below your feeder. The cylinders last up to five times longer than loose seed so your customers are saved the time and trouble of filling the feeders every day.

Constructed of sturdy steel with a hunter green powder-coat finish. Seed Cylinders sold separately.

The perfect addition to any backyard bird feeding station.

Made in the U.S.A.

8.5" × 8.5" × 12"

Curbside Pick-Up & Local Delivery ONLY