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Petra Croton



Crotons come in a wide variety of leaf shapes and colors. Leaves can range from greens to shades of yellow, red, orange, cream, pink and black to a combination of all these. They prefer bright light and high humidity, so regular misting is advisable. Water only when the top of the soil is dry to the touch. 

Common Name: Croton
Botanical Name: Crodiaeum variegatum
Light Requirements: Prefers Bright Light; East or West Facing
Mature Height: 3'
Mature Width:  3'
Bloom Time: Tiny, star shaped yellow flowers are insignificant; Hanging Down in Clusters Between Large Leaves.
Watering: Water Only when Top of Soil is Dry to the Touch
Soil Preference: Combination of Organic Compost and Peat Moss. Well Drained Soil.
Attributes: Vivid Foliage Colors and Varied Leaf Shapes

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