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Hardy Honey Bee Farms Honey Jar


The delectable, delightful taste of pure Michigan Honey is enough to tempt the taste buds of most residents of the Wolverine State. With the variety of clovers and wildflowers that grow abudantly throughout Michigan, the bees produce a honey that is very palatable.

Hardy Honey is all natural, raw, pure honey. It is not pasteurized, because honey is the one food that never spoils. Also, nothing is added, like in many supermarket brands that add corn syrup, or other additives. Raw honey is the best tasting, and also the most nutritious.

Hardy Honey Bee Farms distributes its hives around the local area to bring you the wide variety of honey variety and flavors, of which there are many. Each variety has its own unique flavor, depending on the specific plant or tree that was used by the bees to make the honey.

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