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Rex Begonia



The fabulous foliage of Rex Begonias offers a large range of colors, shapes and textures. They prefer bright indirect light, but can tolerate less light. It likes high humidity, so try standing the pot on a tray of wet pebbles. This houseplant can be toxic to pets, if ingested.

Common Name: Rex Begonia
Botanical Name: Begonia Rex-cultorum
Light Requirements: Prefers Bright Indirect light; Can Tolerate Less Light; Too Much Light Will Fade the Leaves
Mature Height: 10-12"
Mature Width:  1'
Bloom Time: Insignificant White or Pink Flowers in Late Winter
Watering: Thoroughly water the plant, then let it dry out a bit before watering again. The plant holds water so it is easy to overwater. Like High Humidity
Soil Preference: Espoma Organic Potting Soil
Attributes: Stunning Foliage

*Decorative Container Sold Seperately.
*Color Pattern may vary from picture.

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