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Shadblow Serviceberry


1 1/4" Caliper 15 gal.

‘Shadblow Serviceberry’ can be either a small tree or a large shrub, and is an extremely versatile plant for the home landscape. It blooms earlier than most other plants, producing clusters of fragrant, white flowers in early spring and getting the color in the garden off to a beautiful start. Its lovely green foliage turns a kaleidoscope of orange, gold, red, and green in autumn. Grows very well in moist soil.

Common Name: Shadblow Serviceberry
Botanical Name: Amelanchier canadensis
Light Requirement: Full Sun
Mature Height: 20'
Mature Width: 15-20'
Bloom Time: Spring
Soil Preference: Well Drained Soil
Advantages: Attracts Butterflies, Attracts Birds, Bee Friendly
Zone: 3-7
Hardiness Map:

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