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Black Coral Snake Plant



This houseplant is easy to grow and tolerates a great deal of neglect. It has stiff, spear-like rigidly upright leaves with unique markings. A great houseplant that makes an excellent "starter" plant.

Common Name: Snake Plant
Botanical Name: Sanseveria 'Black Coral'
Light Requirements: Will Tolerate Low Light but will Thrive in Medium to Bright Indirect Light
Mature Height: 4-5'
Mature Width: 3-4'
Watering: Water Thoroughly, Allowing Soil to Dry In-between Waterings, Do Not Let Sit In Water
Soil Preference:
 Espoma Organic Cactus Soil
Attributes: Houseplant, Clean Air Plant, Produces Oxygen and Removes Carbon Dioxide at Night, Easy to Grow, Tolerates Neglect, Great "Starter" Plant

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