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Tricolor Beech



'Roseomarginata', more commonly known as 'Tricolor Beech', should be planted front and center in the landscape where its beauty can be admired up close. Its striking foliage is second to none, with green, white, and pink variegation that must be seen to be believed. Plant in a sunny spot with plenty of room to grow, and enjoy years of incredible color in the garden.

Common Name: Tricolor Beech
Botanical Name: Fagus sylvatica 'Roseo-Marginata'
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Mature Height: 24-40'
Mature Width: 18-25'
Soil Preference: Well Drained Soil, Slightly Acidic
Advantages: Broad, Rounded and Pyramidal Shape
Zone: 4-7
Hardiness Map:

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